Richard, Lancashire

Absolutly fantastic value, it is truely unbelievable. I can now concentrate on running my business, and I am spending a lot less. The system also makes setting up new accounts for customers a breeze! Thanks!

Andrew Bennett, Norfolk

I am used to managing my own servers and have been in system development for many years, during that time my standards and expectations have become rather high.

I must say that these standards and expectations have been far exceeded!

I signed up for my hosting account a couple of hours ago, the whole process flowed beautifully, in the time it took me to make a coffee my account was set up and after setting up a couple of mail boxes my new domain had resolved! I always assumed these shared hosting accounts were extremely locked down and lacked functionality, you have completely changed my view on this and I will be recommending you to all!

You have done a fantastic job and I look forward to many years of happy hosting with you!

Bob Smith, Surrey

I'm really very pleased. Tech support has been excellent, very responsive and sensible help. Previous hosting was poor at trying to be helpful, and ofter took 12+ hours to reply. Thanks Heaven Websites!

Jack, Lincon

Your movie tutorial for setting up email accounts in Outlook Express is exactly what I needed to see! I've always used webmail as I could never get my head around POP3, IMAP, SMTP etc, even when sent detailed instructions from previous hosting providers. Excellent movie showing you step by step, you can't go wrong.

Jill Trodd, London

I think the Unlimited HeavenPackage is amazing, your support staff are really on the ball and always get back to me very quickly with sound advice.

Terry Jacks, West Sussex

I was unhappy with the service at Host Europe and had seen that Heaven Websites was being set up. Price was good and the fact that I didn't have to pay  £25 for each account I set up was great - and the fact domains and hosting are all in one place. Since being a customer I have found the support line to be extremely fast and helpful (whereas Host Europe could take over a day to answer!).

Scott Moore, Inverness

The Service and commitment of Heaven Websites Customer Services is unlike anything I've experienced beforehand and I will fully recommend Heaven Websites to Colleagues. Queries and questions and handled with Professionalism and promptness and I will gladly be a Customer with Heaven Websites for the foreseeable future.

Raja Singh, Birmingham

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your hosting service. I was just stuck on two things - it took me a couple of minutes to sort out the problems myself using your excellent support database. It's a great feature and explains things in straightforward language and right to the point.

Keep up the good work!


I just wanted to write a quick note. I am overwhelmed at how much creative and technical control you give to resellers. I was with Fasthosts for nearly a year and nearly everything was an OPTIONAL extra! I am so impressed with the service and the easy-to-use control panels. Top notch! Cheers, Julia

Tom Patterson-Jones, Powys

I have contacted your customer services team, via support tickets, on numerous occasions. I would just like to register my appreciation for their help. You reply with very useful information each and every time and has got me out of some very sticky situations. I am now moving all of my clients to Heaven Websites, as it is by far the best hosting company I have come across.

Mr Richards, Galloway

It is now almost a year to the day since we first began migrating our client's websites to Heaven Websites servers. The feedback from our clients has been positive. Better service, quicker response times on problems, easy-to-install web extras, scripts etc, and so on.

Also, by moving to your servers, we saved a lot of money annually (and got a better service) which enabled us to offer discounts to our more favoured clients. Sites are easy to set up and install and the whole process is fairly straightforward (a lot more so than our last hosting company) - even complex migrations have been easier and swifter.

All things considered, moving to Heaven Websites has been a very positive step for our company and we intend to remain with you for the foreseeable future.

James, London

Got to hand it to you guys - I was nervous to change hosting suppliers from Host Europe (WebFusion and 123-Reg), but I have to say you have made it a breeze with excellent support and features.

Paul, Berkshire

I've been with Fasthosts for 5+ years with very little response to the number of feature requests they were getting so I thought I'd give you guys a try and from what I've seen it looks very promising.

Lee, Milton Keynes

Love what you guys have done and hope to put lots more business your way!

Sarah, Glasgow

Great interface and really easy-to-use, I just migrated 15 websites in a total of three hours, including reloading all files etc. A pleasure to use.

Sunil, Warwickshire

I think what you are doing is first class. The changes that have taken place over the last few weeks are outstanding.

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